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     I Hate You Guys
(but they always listen)


     Your coming through my TV



We're Back!

 Our group was founded a long time ago in a place far far away (people wish we'd stayed there). We have fun on the radio, provide entertainment, news, lot's of laughs, and we don't take anything too seriously. There ain't NO stuffed shirts here! One thing most people forget is... this is a HOBBY, a place where we get together shoot the bull and talk about what we want to. Sometimes we're on all day, sometimes not for days.

Membership...There isn't any! The group is free. 'Cmon we don't need no Stinkin' Badges, (and we don't charge you 35 bucks a year!) Just stop by and hang out. We're on Allstar and Echolink. The ALL NEW 145.270

These are some of our "Cast of Characters"

The Terry Tenna 3

The famous "Terry Tenna" with a 0 DB gain. Just tape it to your bedroom window!



Scrambler 3

Transmits your signal to all neighboring TV sets for miles.


I fly planes...What happened to all the instruments. Oh I had my chair turned around.

I've been busy, I'll have an antenna up soon.


I've got a good ground system dug out.

Slick Willy
Yeah... I had to go down to the VA again today.

I can say Okeechobee!


Ya Know...I think it looks pretty good Ya know...


Tommy The Tweaker

Comin' out your 2 meter speaker


Ding, Ding You said Ya Know.

My Buddy Joe
There's too Many Joe's in here.


From Stewartsville New Jersey USA


I had enough of this mess, Let's go Mary.

Sponge Jon

I don't have enough room in my back yard.

Antenna Mike

Hold on I'm making a contact...Ooo Oooo Ooo Tuktoyatuk

Joey D

Yeah...I got 36 of those....

Steiner Joe

I'm listing while I'm working on sumptin.


I got the "Gold Screw Driver" award today at school

I have a Net coming on.


If you do it this way...

Choo Choo
Steve's wheels don't turn too quick.


Right... Piss off ya wanker!


Jane Moves too fast.


Mumbles Steve



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